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CRRoyalty Frequently Asked Questions



What is CRRoyalty?

CRRoyalty is a lending program established by CrowdFund Roundup under the control of the CRProduct Group that provides the process and procedures for Advance Sales Business Financing.

Can any Company use CRRoyalty to get funding?

The answer is YES. All companies that have a product or service that they sell can use the CRRoyalty to get an advance on their product/service sales.

How fast can I get cash?
That will certainly depend on your ability to present your loan packages to CrowdVestors through the crowdfunding process. Most crowdfunding campaigns take 30-60 days of preparation and 30-90 days of campaigning to achieve their goals.

Does my advance have to be completely paid off before I can get another advance?
No. Depending on your royalty income, you can request more advances at any time.

Do I need to have good credit?
No. Everyone is welcome to use this Product regardless of his/her credit history. It is up to the CrowdVestors to evaluate the CrowdCo’s business risk and act accordingly. We don’t tie our CRRoyalty program to personal credit scores or require personal guarantees.

Do I need to live in the United States?
At this time CrowdFund Roundup is working with companies located in the United States. We do, however, have active expansion negotiations going on in the UK for the European market, Canada, and Australia. Please contact us for information on how you can get your market up and running on CRRoyalty!

Do I lose ownership of my company?
The most amazing part of CRRoyalty is that it is a loan and not a transfer of ownership. As you work out and document your offering to CrowdVestors, you pledge royalty payments that are sum certain and period certain. When this is accomplished your liability to the CrowdVestors, your lender, is closed.

What if I want more cash than an advance can give me?
All crowdfunding campaigns require the CrowdCo to communicate with and convince CrowdVestors to provide the capital to reach their market and succeed. There is no limit on our CRRoyalty program. However, your cash needs are scrutinized by the CrowdVestors and need to be in line with the appropriate delivery of your product or service. Wanting more and needing more are two different businesses constructs. You get what you need - not what you want.

What kind of fees are associated with the CRRoyalty Program?
All CRProduct products are offered through CrowdFund Roundup Certified Advisors only. Their fee structure for offering CRRoyalty is as follows: there are no upfront fees associated with your ability to use the CRRoyalty product. At successful closing there is a 5% commission paid to CrowdFund Roundup that is distributed to the CR Certified Advisor and the CRCommunity guiding the royalty progress. By contract there is a CRMonitor Fee taken to manage the CRRoyalty program throughout the life of the royalty loan. This fee is stated up front in the CRRoyalty documents and agreed to by all parties prior to the crowdfunding campaign. Also, applying for CRRoyalty is absolutely free.

How is CRRoyalty different from debt financing?
Banks and other lenders require a set payment schedule irrespective of company performance. CRRoyalty investments are repaid solely on the basis of gross revenue. If sales trend lower than expected, payments decrease proportionately. If sales are higher than anticipated, the investment is repaid early.
Lenders also require hard assets or other personal guarantees to collateralize a loan. CRRoyalty is based upon a revenue-sharing investment structure. We do offer our CrowdVestors the options of protecting their principal with CRCover and highly recommend that the CrowdCo offer this assurance product.

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