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CRMonitor is a product built to supplement our CRCover product with process and management activities that help control the risk environment during the critical stages of the CrowdCo's development. We monitor the CrowdCo and report to the CrowdVestor providing a level of control over the project to further protect the assets invested, seeking to reach an 85% overall success rate for CrowdCos using our programs.

CRMonitor uses capital tranching, milestone reviews, and CrowdVestor Progress Reporting during the most important stages of the CrowdCo's development.

Capital Tranching protects the initial capital and only distributes it to the CrowdCo as it needed, protecting the investment in the beginning especially during the critical stages of the CrowdCo's development.


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Milestone reviews are used to make sure the project stays on course and helps determine if any course correction is necessary to ensure success of the CrowdCo. A milestone review will also ensure the CrowdVestors that the CrowdCo is following the business plan that was used to obligate the backers.

CrowdVestor Progress Reporting is the part of CRMonitor that provides periodic reporting to the CrowdVestor on the status of the CrowdCo's project. This is an up to date snapshot of where the CrowdCo is in the development lifecycle and gives the CrowdVestor an understanding of how well they are doing with their investment.

CRMonitor combined with CRCover is a wonderful quality enhancement to a project that is already giving the CrowdVestor the opportunity to receive a real return for their invested dollars.

For more information on CRMonitor, please read our CRMonitor FAQ or contact us.

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