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CRCover is a proprietary product of CrowdFund Roundup that allows CrowdCos (those seeking capital) to allow principal protection to the CrowdVestors (those who back projects). This means that backers of a crowdfunding campaign can now protect their entire loan / investment or a portion of their investment. CRCover completely changes the game of crowdfunding and as one banker put it, "this is crowdfunding on steroids!".

While Crowdfunding has been around for a long time, it has grown in popularity in recent years as thousands of companies have raised capital in exchange for perks, rewards, or pre-sales on their product or service. Equity crowdfunding will allow backers to receive an equity stake in a company, but equity crowdfunding for non-accredited investors is still waiting on government approval. Intrastate crowdfunding for non-accredited investors has been passed in a few states already, but even equity crowdfunding has its drawbacks. CrowdFund Roundup and its partners offer an alternative way for companies to crowdfund by allowing backers to invest / loan in royalties on their company's future sales


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and CRCover will guarantee an investor's principal should the company default on paying back the loan.

CRCover is a very appealing alternative to standard crowdfunding. They believe in the CrowdCo and their product or service they offer and they want to back them so they can take their idea to market and be successful. CRCover allows backers to not only support a CrowdCo financially, but it allows them to protect the principal of their loan. This is truly a win-win for a CrowdCo and its backers. It will help a CrowdCo draw even more backers, as backers can now make money on the amount of money they loan to a CrowdCo and the CrowdCo will be able to draw all types of investors by assuring principal coverage on their loan.

For the CrowdVestor, once they have reviewed a CrowdCo's campaign and they want to financially back them, they then decide what level of risk is right for them. When they purchase their Investment Units they can opt for 25%, 50% or 100% of principal coverage, or they can choose no CRCover or no principal protection on their Investment Unit. Choosing no CRCover is the highest risk option, but it also offers the highest rate of return. Each CrowdVestor will discern for themselves how much risk and how much return they are wanting.

For more information on CRCover, please read our CRCover FAQ or contact us.

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