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CRAdvisors are the professionals of the association including management consultants, attorneys, CPAs, marketing professionals, lenders, and anyone else able to help bring a great idea to market. With the tremendous failure rate (85%) for startups, your importance on the team can't be overstated. Though the association creates and uses a proven process for raising capital, phased implementation of the funding and the operation, effective milestones, and a path to great rewards; it is you that provide the real value to your community. You know your clients, the ecosystem in which they and you perform, and share their commitment to local success.

A dues paying member of the association is expected to meet monthly with the rest of the local CrowdFund Roundup group. At these meetings, ideas and opportunities are shared, recognition for successes earned and in-process and distribution of rewards are accomplished in a professional, learning environment. Often guest speakers, clients offering case studies, or other events coincide with our meetings.


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Projects, brought to the attention of the National Association Project Office, that require expertise in your interest and community will be offered to you before any other similar expert is approached. Projects you bring the Association offer you rewards beyond the knowledge that your client's project is funded. We reward you for minimizing risk to your client and his backers through our CRCover principal protection product. CRCover is a premium warranty on the project that protects the backers from the loss of their principal and begins a two year program of oversight of the project. Should you desire, you'll be the forefront of that effort, guaranteeing yourself a valued presence in your client's space and incremental revenue for you.

A yearly fee is required with your application to cover the expense of your certification as a CRAdvisor, ongoing training and education, and to pay for the monthly meetings. The certification process is always being refined to ensure our CRAdvisors are the best providers of their services. Should you desire it, a commission can be provided to you (you can also use it to fund valued services on behalf of your client) for those projects where the principal protection premium is paid. Should you desire it, a monthly fee for you once monthly visit to your client, where you evaluate our measures for success on our behalf (and your client's.) The process lasts 24 months and ensures the steps are taken required to get from "startup" to "stable." Your client will appreciate, beyond the great work you're doing, being part of a master mind network of business betterment professionals who've all walked his path before and can help with the transformation and the dramatic results required. As you identify others who you know would be a valued addition to the CRAdvisor group, you'll be remunerated for your commitment to their success, helping them to achieve as you have. CRAdvisors who develop a passion for the building of the group are encouraged to start their own CrowdFund Roundup group. Group "territories" can be determined by sector, geography or other differentiators.

The purpose of CrowdFunding is to gain the investment of not just the backers' funds but also their engagement, their advocacy and continuing support, telling their friends, putting the word out about developments, advising the CrowdCo management of how the product, service or cause's evolution is hitting or missing their target. To this end we provide the processes and professionals to help get the word out about the capital requirement, leveraging the best that technology can offer while avoiding its many distractions.

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